The great escape: Why awareness of mortality can be bad for health

August 28, 2015 Posted by

The great escape: why awareness of our own mortality can be bad for our health.

People with low self-esteem use a variety of escape mechanisms to avoid thinking about their own mortality, new research reveals.

Researchers led by Dr Arnaud Wisman, of the University of Kent’s School of Psychology, found evidence in five studies that people with low self-esteem respond to reminders of their own mortality by directing their focus away from the ‘self’.

The research found an empirical and causal link between people with low self-esteem having unconscious concerns about their own mortality and then employing a variety of ways to escape from self-awareness. The study demonstrated this link both inside and outside the laboratory.

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Fewer Nursing Home Residents Taking Antipsychotic Drugs, Report Finds

August 27, 2015 Posted by

Fewer long-term nursing home residents are taking antipsychotic medications, compared with 2011, according to a new government report. The decrease came after a campaign that targeted overprescribing, according to The Hill.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services report found 18.7 percent of long-stay nursing home residents received an antipsychotic medication in the first quarter of 2015, compared with 23.9 percent in the fourth quarter of 2011.

In March, a report by the Government Accountability Office found evidence of widespread overuse of antipsychotic drugs by the elderly with dementia. The report called on Medicare to take immediate steps to reduce unnecessary prescriptions.

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Flakka Use Expanding From Florida to Other States

August 26, 2015 Posted by

Flakka, the synthetic drug that has hit Florida hard, has been spreading to states including Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio, The Wall Street Journal reports. People using the drug suffer bouts of extreme paranoia.

Flakka, also known as gravel, is highly addictive, the article notes. In Broward County in South Florida, 29 people have died from flakka use in the past year, according to the county medical examiner. The county crime law is analyzing an average of 100 flakka cases a month this year, up from 80 last September, and one case in January 2014.

Flakka is outpacing cocaine in popularity in south Florida, officials there say. Flakka is cheaper and easier to obtain than cocaine. The drug is available for $5 a vial or less. Its main ingredient is a chemical compound called alpha-PVP.

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Marijuana Industry Using Technology to Improve Growing, Selling and Delivering

August 25, 2015 Posted by

Marijuana businesses are increasingly using technology to grow, test, sell and deliver their product, according to CBS News.

“As things have come above board and more financing has become available and companies become less threatened that they would be put out of business, they have been more willing to invest in technology that is making cannabis products safer and more effective,” said Donald P. Land, a University of California, Davis, professor who is the chief scientific consultant for the cannabis testing firm Steep Hill.

The company tests for pesticides, heavy metals and the level of active ingredients in marijuana. Steep Hill recently introduced a mobile testing lab that can test the potency and moisture of marijuana in minutes, the article notes.

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Professional Gamers Who Use Adderall Will Need Doctor’s Note

August 24, 2015 Posted by

People who play electronic games professionally will not be allowed to use the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder drug Adderall unless they have a doctor’s note, the Electronic Sports League (ESL) said Wednesday.

The league announced the full list of drugs that will be banned for gaming competitions, including steroids and cocaine, Time reports.

“As the world’s largest and oldest esports organization, ESL has an ongoing commitment to safeguarding both the integrity of our competitions and that of esports as a whole—we wish to ensure we can provide a fair playing field for all participating players,” Ella McConnell, Senior Editor of ESLGaming, wrote in a statement.

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