Addicted in Hollywood: Stars’ Problems With Cocaine ‘Still Going Strong’

By Hollie McKay

According to the 2008 National Survey of Drug Use & Health, the number of young adults abusing cocaine has dropped significantly. However, in Hollywood, the use and abuse of the illicit drug continues unabated.

In fact, snorting cocaine can be as commonplace as sipping a glass of champagne. After a night out in the clubs, the party typically goes back to an oversized mansion somewhere in the Hollywood Hills. There’s music, a pool table, more alcohol and a bunch of pretty people doing a line or two.

Dennis Quaid described a similar scene, telling Newsweek that his “greatest mistake” in life was the cocaine addiction he developed in the 1970s and 1980s when he first encountered show business’ pressures – and payoffs.

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Will Savage

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