An Anxious Nation Needs To Relax

By Lisa Stokes

AnxiousI remember the first time it happened like it was yesterday. Marks and Sparks, Whiteleys, Bayswater. I was doing my weekly shop, and there it was, out of the blue, my first panic attack. Of course, I didn’t know it was a panic attack at the time. My heart was racing, the walls were closing in and I needed to get out.

For a time I thought it was something that just happened in my little creative bubble. I’d met stylists, hairdressers, actors and musicians that all suffered the same. Nicole Kidman, Noel Gallagher and, more recently Ruby Wax have all spoken openly about their experiences. Now, fresh out of the riots and approaching the anniversary of 9/11, I look around and see anxiety everywhere.

Pressures of modern day living, financial worries, this years “swine flu” and trying to be as successful and beautiful as Brad and Angelina. Is my job safe? Can I pay the mortgage and afford to go on holiday? Are my children OK at school? Is the man living next door a paedophile? Will I go to prison for phone hacking? (that one’s just a little joke, to take your mind off the worrying…). Have I got the X factor? Will I be the victim of a terrorist attack?

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