Baby’s brain aneurysm halted – by superglue

Chalk it up to a win for ingenuity: Doctors are crediting surgical superglue for saving the life of a 20-day-old girl in Kansas.

Ashlyn Julian was born healthy and happy on May 16. Shortly after returning home from the hospital, however, her parents noticed something was wrong with their newest addition.

“She was probably around 10 days old, and she was sleeping a lot, and I understand that babies sleep a lot, but to the point that you couldn’t wake her up to feed her,” said Ashlyn’s mother, Gina Julian.

Then abruptly, her behavior changed. “We (went) from a baby that was very quiet to a baby that was screaming all the time and throwing up, and at that point we knew something was very wrong,” Julian said.

Ashlyn’s parents twice rushed her to the emergency room at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, where doctors noticed her fontanel (the soft spot on a newborn’s head) was raised. Undecided between meningitis and something in her head, doctors decided to conduct an ultrasound.

Full story of baby’s brain aneurysm at CNN Health

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