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Communicating with Alzheimer’s
1 CEU Hour: $3
End of Life Care
4 CEU Hours: $12

Website Changes:

Homestudy Courses: When ordering a homestudy course you will now have the option when checking out to have the testing material ’emailed’ or sent by‘U.S. mail’. The emailed option will save you time when taking a homestudy course. You will still need to obtain a copy of the textbook.
Online Courses: We have redesigned the layout for our online courses. However, the process for taking an online course has not changed.

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New Continuing Education Courses

Quantum Units Education has added new CEU Courses to our website. Check them out below:


179299_10150385872490363_346167810362_16956497_1031291_nOnline CE Courses:
Disruptive Behavior Disorders:
Evidence-Based Practices
16 CEU Hours: $48

Ethics for Mental Health Professionals
2 CEU Hours: $6

Problems of Domestic Violence
1 CEU Hours: $3

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CE Broker Auto-Uploading Begins for Florida Licensees

Quantum Units Education

Quantum Units EducationWe’re launching our latest feature for Florida licensees for the following boards:

1. Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling
2. Florida Board of Nursing
3. Florida Board of Nursing – Certified Nursing Assistants

We will start auto-uploading CE hours to CE Broker beginning November 7th. You might like to take a small course to test out the system. Allow 24 hours then check CE Broker to make sure the hours were reported properly to your board. Please advise us of any issues that may arise through our online support ticket system located here: http://www.QuantumUnitsEd.com/support/index.php. There may be a few kinks here and there but we are dedicated to smoothing them out as quickly as possible so that your CE hours are reported accurately.

If you belong to one of the boards listed above and have taken courses with Quantum prior to November 7th you will need to ‘self-submit’your hours to your board or through your CE Broker account if you have one.

We’re always looking to improve service to our participants. Your feedback has been invaluable in helping us to serve you better. We Thank You!

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3 New Continuing Education Courses

We Have New Online  for You!

CEU Hours: 5
CEU Course Total: $15.00

Expert researchers and service providers from across the United States and Canada assembled to discuss the most commonly used forms of electronically delivered services and their potential efficacy with a variety of substance abuse and mental health issues. Subsequent meetings of the expert panel resulted in a recommendation for the development of a guidance document to include: purposes of E-therapy, specialty populations, evaluation, appropriate settings for service delivery, licensure, and administrative concerns.

Suicide Prevention & Suicide in the Elderly
CEU Hours: 5
CEU Course Total: $15.00

A short but informative guide for Health and Mental Health professionals. This guide discusses facts vs. myths of Suicide and presents an overview of preventive guidelines as well as a section devoted to suicide and the elderly.

Improving Mental Health in Women
CEU Hours: 6
CEU Course Total: $18.00

The Action Steps for Improving Women’s Mental Health represent a collaborative effort of women’s health experts across multiple agencies and offices. Its purpose is to spur positive changes. The hope is that policy planners, healthcare providers, researchers, and others will take up its suggested actions and help translate them into reality. In this way, we can promote improved mental health and a healthier future for the women and girls of America.

New Incentive CEU Plans
Incentive Plans for Live Presenters
Quantum Units Continuing Education has launched its new Incentive Discount Plan. Want to encourage attendance at your event? Purchase deeply discounted CEU hours for as little as 83 cents per hour and then gift licensed professionals with CEU vouchers while branding your company name. Pack the house at your next corporate-sponsored luncheon or event! Stay tuned for more details when we go live with this exciting new program in January.

New CEUs: Grief, Depression, Loss & Substance Abuse

Complicated Grief
Standard CEU Hours: 5 CEU Cost: $15.00
NBCC CEU Hours: 4 CEU Cost: $12.00

This course provides personal and professional information, testimonies and time-tested tools for healthy ways to cope and adjust to life after sudden and/or violent loss. It looks at the reality of sudden loss with perspective and insight, including the author’s (Dr. Gabriel Constans) personal experiences, as well as his clients and colleagues, who have been walking, crawling and sometimes running in the midst of sudden, unexpected, often horrific circumstances.

Grief and Depression
Standard CEU Hours: 2 CEU Cost: $6.00
NBCC CEU Hours: 2 CEU Cost: $6.00

This short course discusses the differences and interrelationships between Grief and Depression according to the DSM-IV. This is another course in a series on Grief and Loss by Dr. Gabriel Constans.

Men and Grief
Standard CEU Hours: 2 CEU Cost: $6.00
NBCC CEU Hours: 2 CEU Cost: $6.00

This course explores the different ways in which men react to and heal from grief and sadness. The course weaves in the complex web of biology and environment to illuminate how and why men may respond differently than women, as well as how their responses are similar. By exploring some of the different and similar emotional responses and their roots, the hope is to be better able to support one another through painful times.

Behind Bars II: Prison Population and Substance Abuse
Standard CEU Hours: 12 CEU Cost: $36.00
NBCC CEU Hours: 15 CEU Cost: $45.00

This report constitutes the most exhaustive analysis ever undertaken to identify the extent to which alcohol and other drugs are implicated in the crimes and incarceration of America’s prison population. Any individual interested in this issue or working with inmates who abused substances prior to incarceration will benefit from this course.

Good Grief: Love, Loss and Laughter
Standard CEU Hours: 16  CEU Cost: $64.00 Exam Only / $96.00 with Book
NBCC CEU Hours: 12  CEU Cost: $48.00  Exam Only / $72.00 with Book

This course was developed from the book, Good Grief: Love, Loss and Laughter by Gabriel Constans, PhD, which was written for professionals and everyday people who face death and grief. The writing is complete with real situations and honest stories to help bring love and hope to this difficult situation. Those in the mental health, medical, or social work field as well as parents, teachers, students, friends, or anyone else dealing with death and grief could benefit from the practical and compassionate information presented.

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