Does Stress Validate Our Existence?

By Julie Gray

I hear it a thousand times a day. I used to say it as often:

I’m so stressed out


I’m so busy


I’m so tired

It has become a badge of belonging here in Los Angeles, and, I suspect, across much of America as well. How often have you proclaimed your absolute exhaustion? And — what does that mean, exactly? If you are so tired, go to bed earlier. If you are so stressed, do some meditating or yoga. If you are — well, you get the point.

I have a two-part theory.

Part One: Many of us actually opt to feel terrible and stressed (or at least say so repeatedly). Sure we could do yoga or meditation or take a run to feel better. And we do those things. But we keep saying we are feeling so stressed out. Because we want to feel this way. We need to feel this way because…

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