Exit polls: Obamacare remains a hot-button issue

Obama Care Still a Hot IssuePresident Obama’s health care reform law – Obamacare – continues to be very controversial, exit polls indicated Tuesday.

In Florida, the exit polls showed 49% of voters say the 2010 law should be repealed completely or in part. Forty-three percent said it should be expanded or kept as is. Florida voters also had the opportunity to vote on amending the state constitution to prohibit individuals and businesses from being compelled to participate in any health care system. Exit polls show that vote is very close.

Exit polls in Ohio, show 52% said they think the president’s health care reform law should be repealed completely or in part while 42% said it should be expanded or left as is.

There’s a similar split in other swing states.

Iowa: 53% for change or repeal and 38% for leaving it or expanding it.

New Hampshire: 50% for change or repeal and 47% for leaving it.

Colorado: 55%-37% for repeal.

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