Experts Say Mental Health Effects of Hurricane Sandy Could be Powerful

Hurricane Sandy Effects Mental HealthPsychologists warn the mental health effects of Hurricane Sandy could be powerful, HealthDay reports.

“Sandy, like all natural disasters, is considered a criterion ‘A1′ stressor in the diagnoses of acute stress disorder in the first month after the event and post-traumatic stress disorder, at least a month after the event,” said Simon Rego, Director of Psychology Training at Montefiore Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City. “I’d expect many people to display symptoms of acute stress disorder even if they did not directly experience effects of Sandy.”

The symptoms could include insomnia, irritability, feeling numb or detached from others, restlessness, or feeling in a daze, Rego noted. Some people closest to the destruction could experience flashbacks, while others may avoid people or places that remind them of the event.

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