Fight the Festive Flab: The 10 Commandments of Avoiding Christmas Weight Gain

By Laura Williams

Holiday Weight GainWe’re now well into the calorie finale of the year and although the next few weeks are traditionally about treating yourself like a willing foie gras goose, before you throw calorie caution to the wind, maybe consider a damage limitation plan. Before you let your hair down (and inevitably your belt out) once and for all, consider these Ten Commandments for Fighting the Festive Flab.

Thou Shalt Watch the Liquid Calories.
This is a terrible time of year for liquid calories – whether you’re slugging back shots of Baileys (that’s 45 mins of kissing under the mistletoe to burn off one serving) or indulging in a seasonal Starbucks (1.5 hrs of dancing to Wham to burn off a Starbucks Venti Eggnog Latte), liquid cals are this season’s hidden enemy.

Thou Shalt Have a Motivator Outfit.
Everyone needs an outfit goal. Whether that’s a strapless, backless number you want to rock à la Megan Fox, or a pair of salopettes that you want to pull off 007-style, it’s all about the outfit. Try it on regularly over the festive period and if it’s getting snug, slow down on the Stilton.

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