Fitness Does a Family Good

By Jennifer Wider, MD

Family FitnessNewswise — Pick up any newspaper, magazine or online publication and news about obesity is everywhere. While some parents feel helpless in the fight to keep their family physically fit and healthy, other parents are taking action. Studies show that exercising as a family not only promotes good health but also helps strengthen the emotional bonds between family members.

Our society has changed dramatically over the last few decades. With the advancement of technology, Americans have become less active and more sedentary. It’s no wonder some families are struggling with their waistlines.

According to results from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s most recent Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance, which monitors six categories of health-risk behaviors among adolescents and young adults, the message is clear: the nutrition and exercise needs of young people in the US are not being met. “During the 7 days before the survey, 77.7% of high school students had not eaten fruits and vegetables five or more times per day, 29.2% had drunk soda or pop at least one time per day, and 81.6% were not physically active for at least 60 minutes per day on all 7 days.”

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