Lighting the way out of mental illness’ darkness

By Jerold Leblanc

Mental Illness DarknessThe coolness of the onslaught of fall weather did not deter a special event designed to shine light on a problem that has been kept in the dark for far too long.

Just over a dozen people took part in the first ever candlelight vigil illuminating mental illness, held Oct. 7 at Jubliee Park in Wetaskiwin.

The sunset ceremony was hosted by officials of the local Touchstone Place Clubhouse, one of six such facilities in Alberta.

Director Colleen Angus said Mental Illness Week is a national initiative, which the group takes part in on an annual basis.

Vigil a bright idea

“This year, (it was) how can we reinvent the wheel each time, and do something different. Maybe we should start something annual, and we can make it grow, and people expect it every year and look forward to it.

Full story at The Wetaskiwin Times

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