New Tool (REMIT) Aims To Improve Measurement Of Primary Care Depression Outcomes

By Christopher Fisher, PhD

Primary care doctors have long been on the front lines of depression treatment. Depression is listed as a diagnosis for 1 in 10 office visits and primary care doctors prescribe more than half of all antidepressants. Now doctors at the University of Michigan Health System have developed a new tool, which is called Remission Evaluation and Mood Inventory Tool, or REMIT, that may help family physicians better evaluate the extent to which a patient’s depression has improved. REMIT is in the public domain, and a link to download the REMIT is included in this report.

The issue, the researchers explain, is that the official definition of when a patient’s symptoms are in remission does not always match up with what doctors see in a real-world practice, especially for patients with mild to moderate symptoms. The study will be published in the upcoming issue of General Hospital Psychiatry.

Full story at The Behavioral Medicine Report

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