NEW QUANTUM LOGOHIPAA Privacy Law Update  2 CE hrs. $6

This short course is based upon an update presented by the Department of Health and Human Services from it’s National Conference held in 2003. HIPAA went into law in 1996 and has seen few changes or updates since that date.

Long Term Care Residents Rights  2 CE hrs. $6

This course contains 56 regulatory rights of medium- and long-term care residents under federal law. The format begins with a commonly asked question regarding resident rights and then answers the question based on federal law.

OSHA Blood borne Pathogens  1 CE hr. $3

This course covers OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.1030 regarding healthcare worker exposure to blood borne pathogens. It gives an overview of the standard, and addresses specifics on what employers are required to do when an incident occurs, protective measures employers need to take, equipment available to reduce the risk of incidents, and information about management and use of sharps and catheters.

Psychotherapeutic Medications Update  10 CE hrs. $30

This course was created using the Addiction Technology Transfer Center Network publication, Psychotherapeutic Medications Update 2011: What Every Counselor Should Know. It gives counselors and therapists updated information about the use of psychotropic medications for various mental health disorders including purposes, doses, side effects, and cautions. In addition, medications for alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs are outlined, so this would be an appropriate course for anyone in the mental health, medical, or substance abuse treatment fields.

Medicaid: A Primer  3 CE hrs. $9

This course is an overview of the federal Medicaid program and suitable for Nursing Home Administrators. It covers eligibility, services provided, cost, and funding for Medicaid. It is intended to help students understand the basics of how the program works, what it does, and how it fits into the national healthcare coverage puzzle.

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