NEW QUANTUM LOGONew! Behavioral Health for the Homeless

10 CE hrs. $30

This course is extracted from the rather lengthy TIP manual #55 – Behavioral Health Services for People Who Are Homeless by SAMHSA. This course discusses and advocates an approach that is is integrated and is aimed at providing services to the whole person to improve quality of life in all relevant domains.

New! Clinical Supervision

4 CE hrs. $12

This course on Clinical Supervision is suitable for professionals across many domains that supervise interns in a clinical setting. Extracted from TIP 52 from SAMHSA.

New! Implementation of Services for the Homeless

5 CE hrs. $15

This course is directed to administrators and senior staff persons and is designed to prepare you to help behavioral health staff persons in their work with clients facing homelessness and the specific challenges that homelessness presents.

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