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Quantum LogoChild Abuse Reporting Law California
CEU Hours:
CEU Course Total: $18.00

This course is intended to help mental health professionals and other mandated reporters who come into contact with children understand the Child Abuse Reporting Law and be aware of their reporting responsibilities regarding child abuse.

Improving Care for the Chronically Ill
CEU Hours:
CEU Course Total: $12.00

This course is intended to help health care clinics implement a Chronic Care Model to improve support for patients with chronic illnesses. Evidence shows using this model as the basis for patient care can greatly improve the care provided. The course provides a step by step, practical approach to guide teams through quality improvement.

LGBT Health Issues
CEU Hours:
CEU Course Total: $15.00

This course provides an overview of current health issues among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) populations. It is intended to create awareness among prevention specialists and healthcare providers of the needs, experiences, and health status of LGBT Americans. The course is appropriate for organizations and individuals that serve LGBT populations across the country.

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