Scents can make sense when looking for relief from some ailments

By Cheryl Truman

Aroma TherapyWalk into Nishaan Sandhu’s office near downtown Lexington, and the first thing you notice is the aroma that envelops you.

That smell isn’t just for feeling good; it’s also for healing.

Sandhu works with clients on aromatherapy cures. For the massage therapist and herbal consultant, part of the healing process lies in the nose and, from there, spreads through the body.

Aromatherapy has been used for hundreds of years as a complementary therapy — often in conjunction with massage or other integrative treatments.

On this morning shortly after Thanksgiving, Sandhu’s office at Nourish Massage and Holistic Therapies is saturated with a heat-diffused blend of oils of rosemary, cardamom and lemon.

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