Should High School Athletes Be Tested for Drug Use?

By Keith Ablow

High School Athlete Drug TestSooner or later, we need to respond to the fact that we have an epidemic of substance abuse that is taking a real toll on the lives of young people in America. 

These are not, by the way, only inner city or impoverished teens who wish to escape the realities of economic or social hardships. They are also suburban young men and women with every opportunity and resource. And they are not using only alcohol and marijuana (although these would be concerning enough).

They are snorting heroin, which is now plentiful in every single community in America. They are grinding up and snorting Adderall, the medication used to treat attention deficit disorder. They are taking prescription drugs bought on the streets or stolen from their parents—medications like Klonopin and Percocet. They are sniffing household cleaning supplies and aerosol products. They are buying and using products like Salvia from the Internet. They are doing anything and everything they can to get high. They are hooked.

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Will Savage

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