Some Doctors and Medical Groups Oppose State Limits on Opioid Prescribing

Some doctors are voicing their opposition to new state laws that limit opioid prescribing. The American Medical Association (AMA) and other medical groups say doctors and patients should be able to balance the need to treat pain against the risk of addiction, Stateline reports.

Dozens of states have enacted measures designed to reduce the amount of painkillers prescribed each year. Five states have set limits on the number of pills a doctor can prescribe to a patient for the first time, while 29 states increased monitoring of filled prescriptions to prevent patients from “doctor shopping” for more painkillers.

“Arbitrary pill limits or dosage limits are not the way to go,” said Dr. Patrice Harris, Chairwoman of AMA’s Committee on Opioid Abuse. “They are one-size-fits-all, blunt approaches.”

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Will Savage

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