Some Smokers Say It’s Harder to Buy Cigarettes Now that CVS Doesn’t Sell Tobacco

A survey of smokers who used to purchase cigarettes at CVS finds more than half say it is harder to buy cigarettes now that the pharmacy chain has stopped selling tobacco products.

The survey found 52 percent said the move by CVS has impacted their ability to buy cigarettes regularly, reports. Of that group, 73 percent called the impact manageable, stating, “buying cigarettes is now harder but I have other options.” The remaining 27 percent said it made buying cigarettes “much harder.”

Smokers who used to buy cigarettes are CVS are most likely to purchase them now at gas stations, followed by Walmart and Walgreens.

CVS stopped selling tobacco in the fall of 2014 in all of its stores. In February 2014 the company announced it would stop selling tobacco products because the sales conflicted with its healthcare mission.

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Will Savage

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