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Posts Tagged alcohol abuse

Working Long Hours May Increase Risky Drinking: Study

Posted by on Monday, 19 January, 2015

Employees who work more than 48 hours a week are almost 13 percent more likely to engage in risky drinking, compared with those who work less, a new study suggests.

The study considered risky drinking to be more than 14 drinks a week for women, and more than 21 drinks weekly for men. The researchers noted drinking this much could increase the risk of health problems including cancer, liver disease, heart disease, stroke and mental disorders.

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Teens With ADHD or Conduct Disorder May be More Likely to Drink or Smoke

Posted by on Friday, 16 January, 2015

Teens with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or conduct disorder are at increased risk of starting to smoke or drink, a new study suggests. The more symptoms of these disorders they have, the greater their risk.

Researchers at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital analyzed data from more than 2,500 teens ages 12 to 15. They identified teens with a diagnosis of ADHD and/or conduct disorder, as well as teens with symptoms of those disorders, even if they had not been diagnosed. Conduct disorder is characterized by behavior that is aggressive, destructive or deceitful, HealthDay reports.

The researchers report in Drug and Alcohol Dependence that 45 percent of children in the study had at least one symptom of ADHD, and almost 15 percent had at least one symptom of conduct disorder. For each additional ADHD symptom related to inattention (but not hyperactive or impulsivity), the risk that a teen would use alcohol or tobacco increased by 8 to 10 percent. Each additional symptom of conduct disorder raised the risk of tobacco use by 31 percent.

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Six Americans Die From Alcohol Poisoning Daily: CDC Report

Posted by on Wednesday, 14 January, 2015

Six Americans die from alcohol poisoning each day, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The death rate from alcohol poisoning is highest among men ages 45 to 54.

“Most previous studies have looked at college kids and young people, but the problem is bigger than that,” Dr. Robert Brewer, who heads the alcohol program at the CDC, told The New York Times.“It was surprising that the number of deaths was so concentrated among middle-age adults.”

An average of 2,221 people died of alcohol poisoning each year between 2010 and 2012, the report found. The CDC noted researchers changed how they track alcohol poisoning data in recent years, making it impossible to determine whether the death rate had risen.

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ADHD, conduct disorder linked to alcohol, tobacco use in young teens

Posted by on Monday, 5 January, 2015

A new study links ADHD and conduct disorder in young adolescents with increased alcohol and tobacco use. The Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center study is among the first to assess such an association in this age group.

Conduct disorder is a behavioral and emotional disorder marked by aggressive, destructive or deceitful behavior.

The study is published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

“Early onset of substance abuse is a significant public health concern,” says William Brinkman, MD, a pediatrician at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and the study’s lead author. “Adolescents who use substances before the mid-teen years are more likely to develop dependence on them than those who start later. This is why prevention is so important.”

Full story of ADHD linked to alcohol and tobacco use in teens at Science Daily

Restricting Locations for Alcohol Sales May Help Reduce Domestic Violence: Study

Posted by on Friday, 19 December, 2014

Reducing the number of bars, restaurants, liquor stores and other locations where alcohol is sold in a community may help reduce domestic violence, a new study suggests.

The findings come from research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which reviewed 16 previous studies that examined the link between alcohol sales in communities and rates of domestic violence. The investigators evaluated many factors, including the number of hours and days alcohol was sold, alcohol pricing and taxes, and the number of locations where alcohol was sold.

Only the number of alcohol sales outlets was consistently associated with rates of domestic violence, HealthDay reports. Most of the studies found a link between a greater number of locations where alcohol was sold and higher rates of domestic violence. The link held even when factors such as local poverty and unemployment rates were taken into account.

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