Quantum Units Education: New CEU Courses

HIV AIDS Clinical Care Treatment

This CEU course provides health care professionals working with the HIV-infected population information on antiretroviral therapy; reducing perinatal HIV transmission; care of HIV-infected pregnant women; health care of HIV-infected women through the life cycle; palliative care and HIV; and adherence.

Ecological, Biological, and Developmental Studies of Self-Regulation and Stress

Severe childhood stress appears to have lasting effects, with self-regulation-related difficulties seen into adulthood.  This CE course provides clarity on how stress may impact the development of self-regulation by operationalizing stress and self-regulation; discussing different perspectives of how stress and self-regulation interact and influence each other; and identifying and addressing important questions in scientific literature with a methodical and comprehensive empirical review of human and nonhuman studies of stress and self-regulation.

Promoting Emotional Health and Preventing Suicide: A Toolkit for Senior Centers

As a focus point for the community, senior centers connect older adults with a range of critical services and programs, including meals and nutrition programs, transportation services, health and wellness programs, and social and recreational activities.  Therefore, these centers play an important role in promoting emotional health among older adults and increasing the factors that may protect them from suicide.  This CEU course provides an overview of suicide among older adults and how to help address this important problem.  In addition, this course discusses key strategies that can be used to promote emotional well-being and prevent suicide among older adults and describes recommended steps for carrying out each strategy.

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