26.6 Percent of People Living on the Street Report Chronic Substance Abuse: Survey

A survey of the U.S. homeless population indicates 26.6 percent of people living on the street report chronic substance abuse, according to The Washington Post.

The findings come from a 2013 survey of about 600,000 homeless people. Two-thirds were in shelters or temporary housing, and one-third were living on the street, the article notes. The survey found 19.3 percent of people living in shelters reported chronic substance abuse.

The 100,000 Home Campaign a group that aims to permanently house 100,000 chronically homeless people, conducted interviews among the unsheltered homeless. They found more than 60 percent of homeless men and women living on the street have struggled with some form of substance abuse in their lives.

Full story of homeless and substance abuse at drugfree.org

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Will Savage

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