4 Foods for a Dinner That Amps Your Sex Drive

4 Foods for a Dinner That Amps Your Sex Drive

By Kimberly Stakal

Foods That Amp Up Your Sex LifeFood can be physically suggestive, have arousing aromas, be sensuously supple and entice all sorts of sexual urges to the surface. Serve up these succulent aphrodisiacs with a dinner menu that will amp up your (and your partner’s) sex drive. By the end of the meal, you’ll be begging for seconds, and I don’t mean of the food…


Thanks to the Doctrine of Signatures, which says that foods resembling certain body parts have a direct positive effect on them, asparagus has made the eternal list of aphrodisiacs. After all, it bears a strong resemblance to the, shall we say, male qualities. This phallic vegetable is elegant and sexual at the same time, making it a perfect addition to any dinner spread. Wrap it in smoky prosciutto for a sensual side, or serve it steamed and slathered in butter for a dripping sensation. It’s hard not to think dirty thoughts while feeding each other long spears of this luscious vegetable.

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