7 of the Healthiest Foods You Should Be Eating But Aren’t

By Mathew Thompson

Kale Healthy FoodWhen it comes to choosing what to eat, I like to get a lot of nutritional bang for my buck, so to speak. The best deals? “Superfoods” that are far more plentiful in nutrients than they are in calories and that research has shown deliver health benefits. You’re probably already eating a lot of everyday superfoods — like bananas, eggs and broccoli — and maybe even some exotic ones. (Acai, anyone?)

But what about the power-packed foods filled with good-for-you vitamins, minerals and disease-fighting phytochemicals you aren’t eating? Rather than rattling off a laundry list of every fiber-rich, antioxidant-packed, vitamin-saturated food I can imagine, I’m going to focus on seven of the healthiest foods that I, and probably many of you, have mostly missed the boat on eating, especially on a regular basis.

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