Actress, Producer Drew Barrymore Addresses Long-Time Recovery From Substance Abuse

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It seems that from her early days as a child star to global celebrity status, Drew Barrymore’s life has been lived in front of the cameras, including her battle through substance abuse as a young teenager.

Drew Barrymore, who was cast by Steven Spielberg in the worldwide phenomenon movie E.T. at the age of six, quickly bore the weight of celebrity status despite her young age. At the age of only ten, she said she celebrated birthdays at clubs in New York City until the early morning hours. During this phase of her childhood, she had also begun to experiment with alcohol and marijuana, then cocaine by age 12.

Drew Barrymore’s mother sought treatment at a family-based rehabilitation center, but the stay lasted less than two weeks. Soon after leaving rehab for film work, the actress said she had used cocaine again. Her mother sought to intervene again, placing her back into a rehab center.

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Source Addiction Treatment Magazine

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