Important Changes to Online Courses

All course material and exam worksheets in Step 1   and Step 2 when taking an online course will be opened and viewed through our new SmartLook Viewer. No other changes have been made to the electronic exams or any other part of the site that effects testing.

You will now find the material in Step 1 (exam worksheet) and Step 2 (course material) will automatically open in the SmartLook Viewer once the green buttons have been pressed. Additionally, by right clicking with your mouse each button you will be given the option to download the material to your desktop as a pdf file.

The purpose of making this change is to accommodate as many participants as possible by expanding the accessibility of our courses beyond our old format of just PDF or HTML (web) viewing. Flip page technology is the newest technology available on the web for viewing and reading documents from within your browser while providing you with many other options.

Once your material is open within the SmartLook Viewer you will see there are many options available such as:

1. View the material in Full Screen Mode (allows for zooming in and zooming out). This mode also allows participants to change the view from ‘presentation’ to ‘magazine’ to ‘paper’.

2. Press the download button to immediately download and open the document in Adobe Acrobat for reading and printing from your desktop.

3. Click with your mouse anywhere on the document to enlarge the page. Once enlarged you will have full control over zoom in and zoom out capabilities.

4. Print just the page you are viewing. You can print the entire document via use of the download button.

5. Search Feature: search keywords within the document.  This is particularly helpful when trying to answer questions from the exam worksheet. Look up keywords to assist you.

By clicking on the image ‘Need Help?’ below each course you will see a sample of the SmartLook Viewer. We have created descriptions of each of the icons and what they mean. Please take a moment to view this information in order to familiarize yourself with this new technology. You can take a look here if you like.

Quantum Units Continuing Education makes every effort to improve the quality of our program. We do this based upon the exceptional feedback we receive from our participants on your exam form – each and every exam evaluation is reviewed by our staff.

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Will Savage

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