Anxiety disorders have soared since credit crunch

By Laura Donnelly

Anxiety Disorder a CrutchHospital statistics show the number of outpatient appointments for those with such a diagnosis has soared since the onset of the credit crunch.

Experts said some of the rise could be explained by an expansion in counseling services, and an increase in mental health problems triggered by financial uncertainties and job stresses.

But others said doctors had become too quick to “medicalise” feelings of distress – and to label people as suffering from psychiatric disorders when their anxiety was a normal response to pressures they were facing.

The statistics, from the NHS Information Centre, show that the number of outpatient appointments for patients diagnosed with anxiety disorders and panic attacks rose from 3,754 to 17,470 between 2006/2007 and 2010/11.

Over the same period, cases admitted to hospital rose by one third, with 8,756 in-patients with such a diagnosis.

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  1. I have severe anxiety and panic disorder. I was prescribed 25 mg of Atarax (hydroxyzine) and it does not seem to help what so ever with my panic attacks or my anxiety level.
    August Lennon

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