Awareness of mental health highlighted in computer game

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Mental Health in Computer GameCalled Shaded, the game introduces players to characters with mental health problems. The boys worked on the project for about three months.

The pupils from Settlebeck School in Sedbergh all have Asperger’s syndrome.

Currently just a concept, the idea has reached the top ten shortlist of the BAFTA Young Game Designers competition.

Finlay Miles, 13, from Kendal, Matty Goad, 16, from Sedbergh and Reuben Kane, 14, from Kendal, designed the game in which the player is “Naked Edgar”, a discarded sketch thrown away by his creator, a graphic designer.

Finlay, the author, said: “We were inspired to create this game because we all have social disorders and wanted to make people think about them – it was a bit self indulgent, but it became a really fun experience.”

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