Brandon Marshall has star role model in coping with mental health struggles

By George Diaz

brandon marshall, mental health

Crazy courage manifests itself in different ways, whether it’s asking a dentist to take your wisdom teeth without Novocain or taking a gun to your hand and playing Russian Roulette.

Herschel Walker was sharing his conflicted life journey to caregivers for the U.S. Army Wounded Warrior program recently, but the message was equally appropriate to athletes, accountants, lawyers busboys and star NFL wide receivers who face daily struggles with mental disorders in this country. About 60 million Americans experience some sort of mental health problem every year.

Brandon Marshall, you are not alone.

He recently went public with a mental disorder marked by broken relationships and self-image issues, coupled with mood swings. It marks the significant first step in getting help, as Walker did more than a decade ago trying to shake his personal demons.

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