California Court to Decide if Local Governments Can Ban Marijuana Dispensaries

California Deciding To Ban DispensariesThe California Supreme Court will soon decide whether local governments can ban marijuana dispensaries, according to the Los Angeles Times. The court will hear arguments on February 5, following years of contradictory decisions by lower courts.

Medical marijuana was approved by California voters 16 years ago, the article notes. Since then, more than 200 local governments have banned the dispensaries. Some legal analysts told the newspaper they expect the court to uphold the bans.

“This is a subject matter that requires detailed regulations, and the California Legislature hasn’t done the job,” Alex Kreit, a law professor who has advised San Diego on medical marijuana law, told the newspaper. Kreit said California legislators have not adopted requirements for state licensing and labeling of marijuana. In contrast, Colorado implemented its medical marijuana law with hundreds of regulations, he said.

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