College Survey: Easy For Students to Get Rx Drugs on Campus

A new survey has found that it is relatively easy for college students in the U.S. to illegally obtain stimulants and other prescription (Rx) drugs on college campuses, HealthDay reports.

According to the 2015 College Prescription Drug Study, 70 percent of the more than 3,900 respondents said it was somewhat “easy or very easy” to get Rx medications without a prescription on campus.

The misuse and abuse of stimulants was the most common practice, yet students reported misusing a number of other Rx medicines as well. About 18 percent of undergraduates said they misused prescription stimulants and 83 percent said they obtained them from friends.

Pain medications were misused by 10 percent of undergraduates, and about one-third of students said it was “easy or very easy” to obtain them. About 9 percent of undergraduates reported misuse of sedatives, and 44 percent said it was “easy or very easy” to get them on campus, according to the new report.

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