Colombia Cocaine Production Drops 25 Percent: White House

Colombia Cocaine Production Drops 25 Percent: White House

Columbian Cocaine Production DropsColombia’s cocaine production dropped 25 percent from the previous year, the White House Office on National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) announced Monday. Peru and Bolivia are now the world’s top producers of the drug.

USA Today reports the ONDCP’s estimates contradict newly released figures from the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime that indicate cocaine production increased 3 percent in Colombia last year.

“While we don’t challenge the U.N. estimates, we believe that our estimates are informed by more sophisticated technology and a different methodology,” ONDCP said in a statement.

Overall, Colombia has experienced a 72 percent drop in cocaine pure production capacity since 2001, according to ONDCP. Last year, Colombia produced 195 metric tons of cocaine, compared with 325 metric tons in Peru and 265 metric tons in Bolivia.

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