Do you have great ‘sexpectations’ for Valentine’s Day?

Do you have great ‘sexpectations’ for Valentine’s Day?

Expectations for Valentines DayWhat’s on tap for you and your partner this Valentine’s Day? A romantic dinner, a box of chocolates, maybe a bouquet of roses?

While all those gestures are thoughtful, the results of a new survey led by sex and relationships researcher Kristen Mark and the experts at Good in Bed suggest that most couples have something a little more intimate in mind.

In fact, nearly 85% of men and women report that sex is an important part of Valentine’s Day, and 50% say that they’ll be disappointed if they don’t get lucky on the 14th.

"Valentine’s Day is second only to New Year’s Eve in the most celebrated holidays worldwide," explains Mark. "Yet only a small amount of scientific literature has been dedicated to the attitudes, perceptions and participation in Valentine’s Day celebrations."

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