“Flakka” as Addictive as Bath Salts, Rodent Study Suggests

The new synthetic drug known as “flakka” appears to be as potent and addictive as bath salts, a new rodent study suggests. Flakka and bath salts are chemically similar.

In some cases, Flakka can cause heart palpitations and aggressive, violent behavior. Use of the drug can affect the kidneys, leading to kidney failure or death.

Flakka use has recently been reported in Florida, Ohio and Texas. The drug is sold in other parts of the country as “Gravel.” Flakka, which comes in crystalline rock form, can be snorted, swallowed, injected or vaped in an e-cigarette. While its effects are generally felt for three or four hours, they can continue for days.

Full story of flakka addiction at drugfree.org

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Will Savage

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