Georgia Puts One-Year Moratorium on Issuing Licenses to Opioid Treatment Clinics

Georgia has put a one-year moratorium on issuing licenses to clinics that use medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction, NPR reports. Legislators say Georgia put a cap on the number of clinics because it wants to determine why so many opioid treatment programs have opened in the state.

“If you go to the parking lot of any of these clinics in northwest Georgia, you’ll see as many Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, Kentucky tags as you do Georgia tags,” said state Senator Jeff Mullis, who sponsored the moratorium legislation. He adds that people are driving in from all over the south to get treatment there.

The law also requires the establishment of a committee to look into the question of why there are so many clinics. Georgia has 67 opioid treatment programs, compared with 12 in Tennessee, 24 in Alabama and one in Mississippi. Florida, with a population nearly double that of Georgia, has 65 clinics.

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