‘Girls’ Shows Us the Real OCD With Hannah’s Brutal Q-Tip Scene

The über-hip HBO drama Girls has taken a step away from irony and entered the bright lights of dim reality. Just when we all figured that Hannah (Lena Dunham) was going to live out one of those blessed lives as someone who seems nice and approachable, gives to the right charities, and says the right things about politicians and offshore oil drilling, we realize she suffers. According to reports, or at least her own tweets, she has obsessive-compulsive disorder—and the real thing, not OCD the cute, prissy condition where you line up your paper clips.

In last week’s and this week’s episodes, we’ve learned that Hannah needs everything to happen in series of eight (or 64) and probably needs a left-right balance as well. It is, we are told, the “stress” of success—her book is coming along nicely, sort of—that tips her back into the OCD she fought as a child. Her parents notice her “counting” while at a fancy dinner and arrange for her to see first her old pediatrician, then a real shrink who tells her she has a classic presentation—before mentioning his own bestselling book.

Full story of real OCD at The Daily Beast

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