Growth in eating disorders among males

Growth in eating disorders among males

By Ben Spencer

Eating Disorder Among MalesEATING disorders are usually associated with impressionable teenage girls.

But the quest for physical perfection is now taking its toll on a growing population of teenage boys, who obsessively exercise to emulate muscle-bound men they see on TV.

Riverdale Specialist Eating Disorders Hospital in Sheffield has seen a third of the beds in its teenage unit taken up by adolescent males since it opened the department 18 months ago.

The hospital’s development manager Claire Lockwood, speaking to mark Eating Disorders Awareness Week, told The Star the problems of male eating disorders have always been underestimated.

“It used to be thought that one in 10 people with an eating disorder were male,” she said.

“Now it is thought that it is closer to one in four. In my experience it is a growing problem with young men.

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