Hand Illusion Significantly Reduces Osteoarthritis Pain

Hand Illusion Significantly Reduces Osteoarthritis Pain

By Christopher Fisher, PhD

A serendipitous discovery by academics at The University of Nottingham has shown that a simple illusion can significantly reduce — and in some cases even temporarily eradicate — arthritic pain in the hand. By tricking the brain into believing that the painful part of the hand is being stretched or shrunk, the researchers were able to halve the pain felt by 85 per cent of sufferers they tested. Included in this report is a link to the video demonstration of this illusion.

The research could point to new technologies of the future which could assist patients in improving mobility in their hand by reducing the amount of pain they experience while undergoing physiotherapy.

The Nottingham team stumbled on its finding completely by chance during the University’s Community Open Day in April last year.

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Source The Behavioral Medicine Report