Healthy for the holidays: Moderation

Healthy for the holidays: Moderation

By Hugh Fisher

Healthy Holiday FoodThe holidays bring with them joy and splendor … warm memories and favorite songs … comfort foods and family memories.

And colds, the flu … worries over extra holiday pounds and not enough extra in the bank … the fatigue and stress of seeing and doing all there is to do.

The challenge for many Americans is not just enjoying the season, but surviving it.
Erin Wood, assistant professor of psychology at Catawba College, said that two of the keys to happier, healthier holidays are positive attitude and realistic expectations.

Wood said even people who end every holiday season stressed out tend to come back the following year with an idealized vision of how the holidays should be.

“Be realistic with your expectations for yourself,” Wood said. “Don’t set your expectations so high and then spend the holidays wondering, ‘Why don’t I look like the people I see in the commercials on television?’ ”

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