Many Doctors Don’t Feel Comfortable Recommending Medical Marijuana

Many doctors are avoiding recommending medical marijuana to their patients, according to Some feel they don’t know enough about its effectiveness, or are worried about liability and lawsuits.

In Massachusetts, most doctors are not approved to certify residents as medical marijuana patients, the article notes. Patients must be certified by a doctor in order to receive legal marijuana from one of the state’s two dispensaries. Currently there are only 108 certified doctors in the state.

Prescribing medical marijuana has become a niche business for some clinics. “Those clinics are not set up to deal with a specific medical disease,” said Dr. Dennis Dimitri, President of the Massachusetts Medical Society. “They’re set up to prescribe a drug. And I cannot think of other examples of physicians who have a clinic whose only purpose is to prescribe a specific medication or drug.” He added, “I think at this point, for many physicians, they feel like the jury is still out on medical marijuana.”

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