New CEUs From Quantum Units Education

New CEUs From Quantum Units Education

Quantum Units Education

Family Violence: Treatment of Perpetrators and Victims

This course was developed using an excellent paper written by Dr. Donald Meichenbaum, Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of Waterloo, Canada and Research Director of the Melissa Institute for Violence Prevention and Treatment in Miami, Florida. Dr. Meichenbaum covers topics such as risk factors, danger signs, assessment, treatment options for both victims and perpetrators, an overview of batterer programs – do they work?, how to improve treatment of batterers, couples treatment and prevention programs.

Nursing: Safe Patient Handling

This public domain document includes an entire curriuclum for use by nurse educators to assist in properly teaching nurses new to the field safe patient handling and movement. Feel free to download this entire document to use in your curriculum in the training of nurses new to the field.

Patient-handling and movement activities are a necessary part of basic nursing care. Nurses of all ages and experience levels become injured on the job while performing tasks such as getting patients out of bed, transferring them to stretchers, or pulling them up in bed. This course covers areas that lead to risks of musculoskeletal disorders and that decrease the occurrence in nurses.

Homestudy: Ethics in Addictions Treatment

In their book, The Book of Ethics: Expert Guidance for Professionals who Treat Addiction, renowned psychiatric ethicists Cynthia Geppert and Laura Weiss Roberts tackle issues of autonomy, respect for persons, confidentiality, truth telling and nonmaleficence—setting the standard for contemporary ethical practices. They then illuminate these challenges with real-world case examples that show potential affects on a diverse group of patients, including women, adolescents, and people with co-occurring disorders or chronic pain.

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