New Interactive Tool Illustrates How Pain Medicine Abuse Can Lead to Heroin Addiction

The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids today released a new web resource to help drive awareness and action around the dangerous risks of prescription (Rx) medicine abuse among teens. The tool, titled Rx to Heroin, is an interactive infographic that illustrates the path leading some teens and young adults from prescription painkiller abuse into heroin addiction. The new infographic is the latest resource from The Medicine Abuse Project, a 5-year national action campaign that aims to prevent half a million teens from abusing medicine.

The infographic, both interactive and in printable .pdf form, follows the story of a fictional teen named Katie who was prescribed painkillers after suffering an injury. She then begins to abuse her Rx medication and when her tolerance increases, Katie is unable to gain access to more Rx pain medicine. Katie eventually turns to another opiate, heroin, leading her to a full-blown heroin addiction.

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Will Savage

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