Opioid Addiction Bills to be Considered This Week in U.S. House

The U.S. House is scheduled this week to vote on 18 bills designed to combat opioid addiction. The measures are expected to be approved, The New York Times reports.

The measures cover a wide range of issues. One would make it easier for physicians to treat patients addicted to opioids, while another would offer greater protections for veterans and children affected by opioid addiction. The bills would give law enforcement greater authority in fighting drug trafficking, and would require the federal government to conduct studies to evaluate the country’s capacity to treat opioid addiction.

One of the measures would require a study of Good Samaritan laws that are designed to protect people from liability if they use overdose reversal drugs to help people addicted to opioids.

Full story of opioid addiction bills at drugfree.org

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Will Savage

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