Strange Addictions and More….

Carol asks the question “Would you like to earn CEU’s via Online Video Courses?” and provides a valuable online reference link to Strange Addictions.

Don’t Dread The CEU Process!

Due to the differences in style and preferences for receiving communication that each of us lean toward, we at Quantum Units Continuing Education provide many different avenues for our participants to stay in touch and up-to-date regarding new CEU courses that are added to our curriculum each month as well as website upgrades.  Several of these avenues provide for 2-way communication allowing participants to offer feedback and comments.

Find your preferences below and be sure to sign up for one or two methods so that you can start receiving CEU Course updates and offer your feedback.

1. Monthly CEU Newsletter –  if your preference is to receive your news via email then Quantum Units Education sends out a ‘brief, no hype’ newsletter of updates on new courses added and any other important information regarding changes to the website that could effect your CEU process. You can sign up for the newsletter directly from the site using the newsletter signup field located in the left side bar on any page of our site or from within your own personal online account.

2. CEU Blogif your’re a Blog Reader then we encourage you to subscribe to this blog and you will receive immediate notification of any changes or additions made to CEU courses and the website.

3. Facebook – if you are into the fun and ease of Social Networking join our Facebook Fan page: Quantum Units Education. Share our CEUs with your colleagues so they too can benefit from our quality courses, service and low prices! Click on our Discussion tab and make comments and recommendations as to new courses you would like to see added or changes to the website that you would like to see made. We Listen!

4. Twitter – Do You Tweet? We have that too : ) Join Quantum Units Education on Twitter! Suggest new CEU Courses that you would like to see added.

The CEU process doesn’t have to be boring or dreaded. Stay in touch with us on a monthly basis and chip away at your CEUs with new and refreshing courses added monthly. Interact with us on our blog, through Facebook or Twitter – we’d love to read your suggestions!