Pregnant? Here’s more to worry about

Pregnant? Here’s more to worry about

By Julie Deardorff

Anxiety During PregnancyPregnancy may be the mother of all guilt trips. But that anxiety doesn’t necessarily end with the birth of a healthy child. Researchers are finding that in utero exposures could be linked with behavioral or emotional problems in young children and increasedcancer risk and other problems later in life.

Here’s a look at some of the suspects:

(For background on how a mother’s pregnancy can program her child for disease, read my story, “Risk for disease partially set in womb.“)

Bisphenol A: Exposure to the chemical BPA in the womb is associated with behavior and emotional problems in young girls, new research published in the journal Pediatrics suggests. BPA, a compound present in food packages, dental sealants and some receipts made with thermal paper, is so common that nearly all Americans have traces of it in their bodies.

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