Psychological Flexibility, Well-Being Answer Doubts about Recovery

By Storied Mind

I’ve been wondering about this. How could it be that I have recovered from depression but still deal with symptoms almost every day? Can both things be true? Recently I’ve come across new ways of thinking about well-being and psychological flexibility that help explain this paradox. Finding these ideas couldn’t be more timely because doubts about recovery have been more frequent than ever.

It’s discouraging to have to keep dealing with the inner voice of depressive thinking, downshifts in mood or a tendency to withdraw into isolation. I do have the skills now, the new habits of living, that enable me to knock these out as soon as they pop up. Perhaps the doubt itself is a residual symptom of depression, one aspect of low self-esteem. The doubt makes me ask:

Could I be kidding myself about recovery? There are many ways to do that.

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Will Savage

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