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Quantums YouTube PageIntroduction to Continuing Education

This is an introduction to our two continuing education programs – online and homestudy – that specialize in mental health, addiction and general health.


How To Set Up A CEU Incentive Plan

Are you looking for a way to incentivize attendance by licensed professionals to an event your organization is sponsoring? Free CEU hours are an EXCELLENT way to accomplish this. You purchase the discount CEU hours plan and we break down the hours for you.


How to Take an Online Continuing Education Course

This short video describes how to take an online ceu course in 3 easy steps. Quantum Units Education is a national provider of online and home study continuing education courses.


Registering for a CEU Account

How to Register for an Online CEU Account and Why you should.


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Will Savage

Quantum Units Continuing Education provides online CEU training's to licensed professional mental health therapists, counselors, social workers and nurses. Our blog provides updates in the field of news and research related to mental health and substance abuse treatment.