QUANTUM UNITS EDUCATION: CE Sponsorship of Live Presentations or Workshops

QUANTUM UNITS EDUCATION: CE Sponsorship of Live Presentations or Workshops

Are you a Live Presenter looking for CEU sponsorship of your event or workshop?

If you would like Quantum Units Education and its APA sponsored partner, TeachMe Professional Development to consider CEU sponsorship of your event, you may go to our Events Administration website and open up an account here.

Fill in all the required information and we will get back to with a response.
Sponsorship of your live event or workshop is Free to you and your organization. The only cost to you is a standard deduction for credit card processing fees and the only cost to your participants is our standard low $3/CE hr charge for their certificate!

Advantages of using an approved CE sponsor for your Live Event/Workshop

  • Full management of registration for the event and for CE hrs via a secured payment gateway.
  • Full management of attendance registration and roll sheets.
  • Full administrative access to payment processing records and registration via your own private administration website.
  • Customized registration portal/website that is user-friendly and which features your company logo. This site is where your participants will register and the link may be used on all your advertisement sites and fliers. See Sample CE Event here.
  • Advertisement of your event via our extensive network of integrated Social Media portals.
  • Full customer support for any CE questions by your participants.
  • Administration of all CE certificates and CE records.
  • Hassle-free CE approvals for multiple license and credential types with the time, money and complicated paperwork required by each professional board!

Sign up for an account today and let us begin reviewing your Live Event/Workshop for CE approval

Beedie Savage – President of Quantum Units Education