Free CE Drawing and CE Scholarships

NEW QUANTUM LOGOFacebook: Quantum Units Education is giving away 10 Free CE hours. The drawing will be held November 8th at 1pm, PST. The winner will be announced Monday, November the 11th, 2013. To participate you must have a Facebook account and be a fan of Quantum’s fan page. To enter the drawing click this link: Facebook CE Give Away.

You will need to create an account on our website or have an account in order for us to credit the winner with the 10 Free CE hours: Quantum Units Education and an email address so that we can notify the winner.

10 Financial Aid Scholarships: 10 financial aid CE scholarships for 10 CEU hours each will be awarded at the end of November. To apply for a financial aid scholarship visit the following link on our website: http://www.quantumunitsed.com/scholarships.php

Chase Bank Grant: If you happen to have a Facebook account we would appreciate your vote on our application for a grant through Chase bank. As part of the application process, Chase has chosen to use Facebook members for voting purposes. In order to vote you must have a Facebook account. If awarded the grant Quantum Units Education will use the money to develop a new website, increase our scholarship offerings and increase the number of new courses on our site and our partner sites. To vote for Quantum’s grant application use this link: https://www.missionmainstreetgrants.com/business/detail/118570

As always, we thank you for choosing Quantum Units Education as your CE provider. At Quantum, we make every endeavor to be a company with a conscience. What this means is simple: we strive to give back to our participants.

Beedie Savage – President of Quantum Units Education