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Challenges of Responsible Non-Custodial Fathering for Low Income Individuals

Sweeping changes have dramatically altered the structure of the American family – making marriage less common and fathers less present in their children’s lives.  This CEU course draws on the first of a longitudinal series of in-depth interviews with a subset of fathers participating in the Parents and Children Together Responsible Fatherhood (PACT RF) programs to better understand their lives and experiences, including the complexities and difficulties they face as fathers.  These interviews focus on fathers’ childhoods, relationships with their children and the mothers of their children, views on fathering, employment experiences, and participation in the fatherhood programs.

Immunization, Vaccine Storage, Handling and Safety

This CEU course discusses the timing and spacing of vaccines; adverse reactions following vaccination; contraindications and precautions to vaccination; invalid contraindications to vaccination; screening for contraindications and precautions to vaccination; vaccine storage and handling; receiving and unpacking vaccine deliveries; vaccine storage and temperature monitoring equipment; vaccine and diluent placement and labeling; vaccine storage troubleshooting; vaccine and diluent inventory control; importance of vaccine safety programs; sound immunization recommendations and policy; assessing and monitoring safety of vaccines; vaccine injury compensation; and the immunization provider’s role.

HIV AIDS Clinical Care – Adverse Events
This CEU course provides health care professionals working with the HIV-infected population information on adverse reactions to HIV medications; drug-drug interactions with HIV-related medications; and antiretroviral medications and hormonal contraceptive agents.

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